Guild Wars 2, Monster High Dolls

Custom Trahearne Doll


Custom Trahearne Doll
Commission: Trahearne from GW2
Base: Clawd Wolf Monster High Doll

Hand-painted, sculpted and wrestled into submission to become Trahearne!
I used glow in the dark paint for his syvari glow areas, Iā€™m hoping to find a way to take photos of the effect. It was much more subtle than I was hoping. šŸƒšŸŒæ

Guild Wars 2, Monster High Dolls

Custom Female Sylvari Doll


– Custom Doll – Grey Sylvari in Town Clothes

Commission: Original Character Sylvari from Guild Wars 2
Base: Monster High Rochelle Goyle

Custom sculpted additions to body, hand-painted, fully sculpted hair, and faux leaf and petal clothing. Real shells used for the pouches, gloss medium used on all clothes, hair, eyes and mouth.

Guild Wars 2, Monster High Dolls

Custom Male Sylvari Doll


Custom Doll – Male Sylvari from Guild Wars 2
Base: CAM Gargoyle
Made to Order

Doll is for display only.

– Original factory paint completely removed
– High quality sculpted details
– Hand-sewn faux leaf clothes
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.