Custom Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon Doll

Custom Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon Doll
Commission: Minor character from Sailor Moon
Base: Elissabat Monster High Doll

Hand-painted, sculpted and sewn to become Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. Wings are metal, hand painted.


Modified Sailor Uranus Plush

Plushie PlushBack
Modified Sailor Uranus Plush
Base: 8.5″ Sailor Uranus Plush from Bandai

I got this lovely lady from Anime North con this year, for a good price 🙂 Though she had some issues I decided to fix, especially since she’ll be in my arms at my next con while I cosplay Neptune.
You can probably see from the before pics, the left ear is way too low. She also had green eyes and tiara crystal, which are supposed to be blue. Her gem on her bow was also way too light, and a weird triangular shape. She had NO bow at her back at all (none of them do), as well as no white trim above the skirt.
I fixed all of those as well as adding her choker and some extra ribbon around her boots and elbows 🙂 You can’t see her fixed tiara but it is a blue gem now, instead of green felt circle. I also added beans in the bum so she could sit up.

Doll North – Merle the Custom Lagoona Doll

Custom Sea Nymph Doll
Base: Lagoona Blue Monster High Doll
Details: Metallic gold and pearlescent coating are her main themes, even her freckles are metallic and shine in the light. Her collar necklace is a recycled piece of jewelry with real crystals. Her wig I had made using lambs fur. It is so soft, and for sure a material I will be using again.

The charity doll I made for dollnorth this year. She will be raffled off for charity (Sick Kids). Today was the first day of Anime North, Two more to go ❤

Comparison: Pullip to Custom Monster High

Comparison shot
Official Sailor Mercury Pullip Doll

  • 14 points of articulation
  • Eyelids can be opened or shut independently
  • Eyes can be positioned left or right
  • Removable pleather sailor outfit
  • Around 12 inches tall

My custom Monster High Repaint Sailor Venus

  • 11 points of articulation
  • Articulated head can be tilted and turned to pose
  • OOAK custom face repaint
  • Hand-sewn custom clothes – can be any chosen outfit
  • Around 10.5 inches tall

Custom Sailor Doll Tutorial

Custom Sailor Doll – Monster High Base
Cleo transformed into Sailor Pluto

1) Tiara:
-First, get her hair out of her face. Use elastics if necessary or even plastic wrap
-Use a fake gem sticker as close to the desired colour as you can get
-Use air-dry apoxie to mold around the gem into the shape of the tiara. Extend as far as you can into the hairline without disrupting the hair
-Let dry 24 hours
-Paint over with metallic acryllic paint (I use the brand Golden Artist Colors-About 11$, I prefer Iridescent Bronze for a darker tarnished gold rather than a very yellow gold) Also use a mixture of gloss medium and desired gem colour to glaze the gem. The gloss medium will keep it transparent and make the gem still retain some of its shine and clarity.
2) Gloves: 
– Remove arms from doll for this process, place them on a scrap piece of cardboard
– Shake the crap out of Dupli-color Fabric and Vinyl– white. Shake for about a minute or color won’t be even.
– Spray evenly on one side of arms. Let dry 20 mins and spray other side
– One layer most likely won’t be enough, repeat as needed until white is solid. Do not over-spray per coat, or it will pool and puddle where you don’t want it to. Or it may bubble. You would have to remove it and try again. Store as instructed on bottle, and make sure to clean the nozzle after every use.
3) Collars, Torso, and Glove Trim
– For torso and other material, I tend to use plain t-shirt fabric, as it is stretchy and forgiving.
– Use thin ribbon wrapped around the arm and neck, sewn in place, and glued for good measure. Adhere any gems to collar that character may have.
– Black material used for the collar, with a lip of the black sewn under the white. Use same material for skirt.
4) Skirt
– For the skirt, I sew a tube of black material about twice the width that I eyeball being how wide it should be at it’s widest.
– Then you pleat it and sew it on to torso
5) Skirt Trim
– The white trim on the top of the skirt is the most difficult part of doing the Sailor outfit, since it is folded material overlapping pleated skirt edge.
– Try to make the skirt a bit longer than necessary, then trim it to the right length
6) Bows
– Use thicker red ribbon for the bows
– For this one I painted it a darker red to match Pluto’s colours. I used light washes of watered-down artist’s acrylic, specifically Liquitex brand.
– I added a red button after that to make a base for the the bow crystal, which is a fake gem.
7) Boots
– Sculpt the boot details with air-dry apoxie, then sand it smoother if necessary.
– Next wrap with plastic wrap and tape her up in preparation for spray-paint. Make sure there are no openings for paint to muss up all your good work-there is no washing it out of material.
– Multiple coats of black, with 20 mins dry time imbetween.
– Last is taking off the tape to reveal boot edges, and paint them white with acryllic. Again, many coats.
8) Weapons
– First you get a wooden dowel, adjust to the right size for the doll. You can find dowels at a dollar or hardware store.
– Using Apoxie, and frequent glances at your reference images, sculpt the details. I tend to work in fast, small sections. This allows you to slowly build the details up, which makes the apoxie stronger as well as avoids the frustration of ruining old work while working on the new.
– For this staff I ended up using a real gemstone, the previous Pluto staff I made I used a painted wood bead but these can be hard to find. Not that very round, cheap gemstones in the right colour are much easier to find, just have to keep an eye out.
– Then I plastic wrap/tape off the gemstones and spraypaint the rest black.
– Let dry 20 mins, then paint in (slightly watered down) coats of metallic silver paint.

Custom Sailor Pluto Doll

tumblr_nlsfprrVCW1s14tjvo1_1280Sailor Pluto – Finished Cleo De Nile Repaint

Custom Doll – Sailor Pluto
Base: Frights, Camera, Action! Cleo De Nile
Made to Order, Doll is for display only.
Commission me on etsy for one of your own!

– Original factory paint completely removed
– Custom face repaint and hair styling
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
– Hand-sewn clothes