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Custom Hyrule Warriors Dolls

-Custom Link and Zelda Dolls

Commission: Princess Zelda and Link from Hyrule Warriors
Base: Monster High

Custom spray-painted body, hand-painted custom faces, kankelon bjd wigs, and hand-sewn clothing. Custom sculpted leg details, painted shoes and gems.


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Custom BMO Doll

– Custom BMO Doll

Commission: BMO from Adventure Time
Base: Vandala Doubloon

I had free reign on this commission to design a human version of BMO (the figurine at her feet). The character is a cute korean robot, so I tried to make her as sweet as her voice. As per the customer’s wishes, I gave her a robotic leg with nuts and bolts decoration. She has a lot of hidden details, like her painted nails, underwear, and under her robo leg is painted teal while under her shoe is painted silver.
Hand-painted custom face, kankelon bjd wig, and hand-sewn clothing. Custom sculpted leg details, painted shoes and gem.



Recent Dead Tired Designs

Werecat Dead Tired Set

My latest Dead Tired design. Catrine was already finished from a different set, then I got a suggestion to do all the werecat girls. Every once in a while I take suggestions 😉


Dead Tired Set – Honey, Jane, Skelita and Scarah 
The complete set! All these girls deserve more love, so I decided to give them some super cute attention

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Custom Queen Regina Doll

Custom Doll – Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time
Raven Queen Base
Made to Order, Doll is for display only. Commission me on etsy for one of your own!

– Original factory paint completely removed
– Custom face repaint and hair styling
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
– Hand-sewn clothe



Custom Ephyra Jellyfish Doll

FrontUnder JellySigned
One of a kind custom doll – Ephyra Jellyfish – For Sale
Her name comes from both the name of a nymph in greek mythology, as well as the term for the baby stage of a jellyfish life.
Base: 13 wishes Spectra

– Original factory paint completely removed
– Repainted face with: Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
– Custom Painted Panties, blue freckles and spots added to face and body, blue pearl gloss added to entire body and jellyfish purse.
– Hand-sew clothes (all removable)
– High quality BJD wig (not removable)
– Hand-made necklace with real Opalite gemstone.

For display only.
Purse2 tumblr_n8vkjxVSCP1s14tjvo1_1280


Custom Super Sailor Venus Doll

Venus2Latest Sailor Venus MH repaint 🙂 She’s a commission, along with a Neptune who is almost finished.
This is the Venus who went on a careful trip with me to Fan Expo.
Commission info is here
Front Closer2

This lovely doll went with me to Fan Expo! She got a lot of attention, and it was a lot of fun showing her off 😉 I even got a pic of her with a Venus cosplay. I wore my Sailor Moon shirt, and one of the silver crystal necklaces my friend makes.
100_2862    100_2865 Necklace Swag


Custom Copper Fairy Doll

Custom Copper Fairy Doll –for sale on Etsy
One of a kind custom doll – Robecca Steam and Mae Tallick
Inspired by my favourite colours, and business name – azure and copper.
– Custom copper metal wings, attached to back with springs that allow some motion.
– Custom styled hair, copper wire accents


I ♥ Pets Monster High 2nd Design Set

I Heart Pets 2nd

The second set in my latest mock Monster High Line! This one is “I ♥ Pets”
As you can see, they are all dressed up as their pets 😉 This is the second 4 of many I want to do. From left to right it’s Cleo DeNile with Hissette, Spectra Vondergeist with Rhuen, Frankie Stein with Watzit, and Clawdeen Wolf with Crescent.

If you would like these designs made into your own custom doll, please check out my commission info. You will also find info for Fan Art commissions if you would like me to illustrate your own designs.