Custom Red Sylvari

~ Custom OC Sylvari Doll Commission
Character: OC from Guild Wars 2
Base: Monster High Clawdeen Wolf and Novi Stars Doll Combination

– For display only, one of a kind.
– Custom sculpted hair and clothes
– Hand painted, spray-sealed with MSC.



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WIP Custom Green Fairy

All2~ WIP shots – Custom Green Fairy
Some work in progress pics of my contribution to Doll North of Anime North this year! She will be raffled off, proceeds going to Sick Kids Charity. I hope a lot is raised this year, and that whole ever receives this doll is pleased!

: Monster High Scarah Screams doll
– For display only, one of a kind.
– Removable set of Wings
– Hand painted, spray-sealed with MSC.


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Custom Harpy Doll

~ Custom Harpy Doll
Original Doll design
Base: Monster High, Purrsephone

– For display only, one of a kind.
– Hand painted outfit and face, spray-sealed with MSC.
– Custom sculpted beak, feet, and feather details.
– Feather wings and tail-feather.

This is my sponsor doll for the wonderful Doll North of Anime North. Proceeds go to Sick Kids Charity.

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Custom BMO Doll

– Custom BMO Doll

Commission: BMO from Adventure Time
Base: Vandala Doubloon

I had free reign on this commission to design a human version of BMO (the figurine at her feet). The character is a cute korean robot, so I tried to make her as sweet as her voice. As per the customer’s wishes, I gave her a robotic leg with nuts and bolts decoration. She has a lot of hidden details, like her painted nails, underwear, and under her robo leg is painted teal while under her shoe is painted silver.
Hand-painted custom face, kankelon bjd wig, and hand-sewn clothing. Custom sculpted leg details, painted shoes and gem.



Recent Dead Tired Designs

Werecat Dead Tired Set

My latest Dead Tired design. Catrine was already finished from a different set, then I got a suggestion to do all the werecat girls. Every once in a while I take suggestions 😉


Dead Tired Set – Honey, Jane, Skelita and Scarah 
The complete set! All these girls deserve more love, so I decided to give them some super cute attention

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