Modified Sailor Uranus Plush

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Modified Sailor Uranus Plush
Base: 8.5″ Sailor Uranus Plush from Bandai

I got this lovely lady from Anime North con this year, for a good price 🙂 Though she had some issues I decided to fix, especially since she’ll be in my arms at my next con while I cosplay Neptune.
You can probably see from the before pics, the left ear is way too low. She also had green eyes and tiara crystal, which are supposed to be blue. Her gem on her bow was also way too light, and a weird triangular shape. She had NO bow at her back at all (none of them do), as well as no white trim above the skirt.
I fixed all of those as well as adding her choker and some extra ribbon around her boots and elbows 🙂 You can’t see her fixed tiara but it is a blue gem now, instead of green felt circle. I also added beans in the bum so she could sit up.


Growlithe Puppy Plush

He’s for sale!!

Hand-sewn growlithe puppy plush.
Stuffed with fluff and has beans in his butt.
The materials is from an orange cashmere sweater(so glad I kept it instead of donating it). The black is also fuzzy and soft, but I’m not sure what material that sweater was made from.
The white is recycled fur from a different stuffed animal I took apart.
He sits on his own, and can kind of stand on his 4 legs on his own too but with more difficulty. He’s a lazy pup.
He is 9inches tall from paw to top of head, 10.5inches including his mohawk. He is 11inches from nose to bum. The tail is another 3 inches.


Growlithe Pokemon Plush WIP

I’ve actually finished the tail since these pictures were taken, so more photos soon!
I wish I could express to you in words how sooooft he is. I originally was making him to sell but I’m not 100% sure I can part with him xDGuess we’ll see once he’s done.
All he needs is his tail and head haha!I have his nose, eyes, and pink for his ears all ready but I still need to find some soft black for his body.

I used the pattern from an old plushie I had, and the material is from a sweater that I didn’t like to wear (its orange, can ya blame me?) but is soooo so soft.