About Samantha

Hey There! You're probably wondering just who Samantha is. I'm a freelance illustrator, with a BA in Illustration from Sheridan College. I'm living in Oakville Ontario, and plan on staying in the GTA area. I've been working freelance for some years, doing a lot of design and one children's book. I'm always drawing, so check in often for new projects. If you're interested in purchasing some of my art, or have any questions at all just send me an e-mail at Sillustrations@gmail.com

Custom Trahearne Doll


Custom Trahearne Doll
Commission: Trahearne from GW2
Base: Clawd Wolf Monster High Doll

Hand-painted, sculpted and wrestled into submission to become Trahearne!
I used glow in the dark paint for his syvari glow areas, I’m hoping to find a way to take photos of the effect. It was much more subtle than I was hoping. 🍃🌿


Custom Female Sylvari Doll


– Custom Doll – Grey Sylvari in Town Clothes

Commission: Original Character Sylvari from Guild Wars 2
Base: Monster High Rochelle Goyle

Custom sculpted additions to body, hand-painted, fully sculpted hair, and faux leaf and petal clothing. Real shells used for the pouches, gloss medium used on all clothes, hair, eyes and mouth.

Custom Male Sylvari Doll


Custom Doll – Male Sylvari from Guild Wars 2
Base: CAM Gargoyle
Made to Order

Doll is for display only.

– Original factory paint completely removed
– High quality sculpted details
– Hand-sewn faux leaf clothes
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.


Custom Sailor Pluto and Saturn dolls


Here are pics of the finished Saturn and Pluto commissions, without their weapons

Commission: Sailor Pluto and Saturn from Sailor Moon
Base: Monster High Draculaura and Cleo

Custom painted body, hand-painted custom faces, kankelon bjd wigs, and hand-sewn clothing. Custom sculpted leg details, painted shoes and gems.

Custom Hyrule Warriors Dolls

-Custom Link and Zelda Dolls

Commission: Princess Zelda and Link from Hyrule Warriors
Base: Monster High

Custom spray-painted body, hand-painted custom faces, kankelon bjd wigs, and hand-sewn clothing. Custom sculpted leg details, painted shoes and gems.


WIP Link and Zelda

-WIP shots of a Link and Zelda commission

These two cuties have given me a lot of trouble with their repaint. I spraypainted them both to have a matching peach skintone, and got wigs of a matching blonde that were a little troublesome to style. It worked out in the end though. Link on the left is basically finished, and Zelda is not far behind.
Finished photos to come soon!

Custom BMO Doll

– Custom BMO Doll

Commission: BMO from Adventure Time
Base: Vandala Doubloon

I had free reign on this commission to design a human version of BMO (the figurine at her feet). The character is a cute korean robot, so I tried to make her as sweet as her voice. As per the customer’s wishes, I gave her a robotic leg with nuts and bolts decoration. She has a lot of hidden details, like her painted nails, underwear, and under her robo leg is painted teal while under her shoe is painted silver.
Hand-painted custom face, kankelon bjd wig, and hand-sewn clothing. Custom sculpted leg details, painted shoes and gem.


Custom Night Elf Doll

Nelf2 NelfFront NelfSide
-Custom Night Elf Doll

Commission: Night Elf Hunter from World of Warcraft
Base: Twyla Head, Jane Boolittle Body

Hand-painted, sculpted and sewn clothing. Custom sculpted ears and eyebrows, with a very soft wig. Faux leather, gem, and real feather details.