Custom Ephyra Jellyfish Doll

FrontUnder JellySigned
One of a kind custom doll – Ephyra Jellyfish – For Sale
Her name comes from both the name of a nymph in greek mythology, as well as the term for the baby stage of a jellyfish life.
Base: 13 wishes Spectra

– Original factory paint completely removed
– Repainted face with: Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
– Custom Painted Panties, blue freckles and spots added to face and body, blue pearl gloss added to entire body and jellyfish purse.
– Hand-sew clothes (all removable)
– High quality BJD wig (not removable)
– Hand-made necklace with real Opalite gemstone.

For display only.
Purse2 tumblr_n8vkjxVSCP1s14tjvo1_1280


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