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Unexpected Downsides to MH Doll Moding

Figured I would do a little informative post, for those who do or plan to mod Monster High dolls 😀
This post is light-hearted, as in all honestly doll moding is tons of fun and doesn’t have many downsides (atleast in my experience!) But here are a few you may or may not have been expecting.

Spectra1) Cutting off the beautiful, luxurious doll hair in order to reroot or apply a wig. I put this at number one beecause that is what I’m doing today and inspired me to make this post! Sounds silly, but now that the MH dolls are coming out with more and more greasy yucky haired dolls; the few you find with soft hair are that more treasured.
Today I am cutting off a 13 Wishes Spectra’s hair. Sometimes I comfort myself by keeping the hair and telling myself I will some how use them later. I have yet to.
How will she be a jellfish girl if I don’t? It must be done!

2) Limbs randomly breaking. Not just hands, or forearms. I’ve broken a leg off before. Poor Ghoulia and her broken leg, I plan on making her into a centaur or a mermaid, I’ve been scouring everywhere that sells toys trying to find a good horse or rubber snake to use. On that note, buying replacement hands or arms from ebay? Pfft, costs almost as much as a full doll! Sad, ebay sellers. Sad times.

3) When a friend, roommate, etc. comes in while you’re working on a doll and tells you all about this OTHER doll faceup artist they found that does awesome work. Bad timing guys, bad timing. Or you know, looking over your shoulder and telling you to do something different. Almost as bad. What about picking up the doll and messing up the hair, tearing the clothes, or otherwise breaking it?  Yeah, just don’t let them in your studio space.

4) When you lose a tiny little doll accessory. No rage search matches that raging search. I still haven’t found those Cam Bee glasses…they’ll continually haunt me at the most random times. “Mmm this is good tea….but where the hell did those little sunglasses go?” Let it go guys, let it go. Your cat probably sent them flying out the window and some neighbourhood baby squirrel thinks his sunglasses make him the coolest mammal around. He needs them more than you do.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more, but that’s all I have for today! Look out for more pics of Spectra-turned Jellyfish Doll soon 🙂 ♥


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Downsides to MH Doll Moding”

  1. Aloha, I feel with you regarding the hair; I just cannot cut the nicer hair off ^^” (have yet to repaint an MH that is not a CaM).
    why not buy replacement parts from Mattel directly? 🙂 Do they not send to Canada?
    Here in Germany, you basically have to beg their customer support if you’re missing a limb -_- the US store is so much nicer!
    The thought of the cool baby squirrel made me laugh 😉
    Looking forward to the Jellyfishy!

    1. We can’t buy from mattel website, so I assumed they wouldn’t send us replacement parts. I’m going to give it a shot though! (I haven’t bought replacements for either of the dolls that need it, luckily. So hopefully it works! I’m willing to beg Haha)
      Glad I could make ya laugh :3

  2. If you broke a limb, but didn’t lose the broken piece, I have just put up a tutorial for reattaching it! I know of at least 3 solutions for greasy hair, too.

  3. I lost Operetta’s original coffin guitar the same way. That’s how I learned the unfortunate lesson to not open the packages in the car. 😦

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