Monster High Dolls

Custom Cyberpunk Doll – AndrA.I.a Sparks

CyberpunkDone2 CyberpunkDone

One of a kind custom doll – AndrA.I.a Sparks cyberpunk android girl
An original character, daughter of the robot. Based on cyberpunk fashion, and techno-savvi  sci-fi stories.
Doll base is a Robecca Steam. For sale here

Doll Details:
– Original factory paint completely removed, full body repaint
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
– Hand-sewn clothing details
– All clothes are removable

Comes With: 
– Custom cute robo-panda pet named Glitch
For display only.


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