Monster High Dolls

Kiki Daughter of the Kitsune -Custom Doll

Fox foxmask


On sale until Dec 1st! Purchase her here

Meet Kiki, Daughter of the Kistune
Perfect for fans of japanese mythology and clever foxes; this custom Kiki the Kistune doll is one of a kind. She is modeled after black foxes, and is inspired by japanese shinto myths about trickster fox spirits called “Kitsune”. Her name is japanese and means crisis. She was originally a Meowlody doll.

She is one of a kind, for display only. She is on sale for holiday season only.

– Original factory paint completely removed
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips.
– Seams mostly sanded
– Custom decorated lace panties
– Hand-made faux fur tail -removable, ears are non-removable
– Comes with handmade Kitsune Mask




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