Monster High Dolls

Custom Sea Monster Doll – Mishell

.:: Mishell Blue ::.

Parents: The Sea Monster
Age: 15
Killer Style: I make all my own clothes, it’s so hard to find just what you want. My tastes change everyday, so I like to where a mix of different quirky patterns and styles. They usually get paint all over them, but I like them better that way.
Freaky Flaw: I have a hard time verbalizing my problems, I usually just paint it out. That doesn’t help much during a conversation though. I also tend to lose track of time or miss plans because I’m too busy painting, it’s nothing personal! I’m just scatter-brained, it makes me forget what class I have next or…where did I put my sketchbook? Have you seen it?
Pet: I have a pet crab named Triton. Everyone is scared of his pincers but he’s harmless when he isn’t crabby. Haha get it?
Favorite Activity: Painting with watercolors! I also like sculpting and sewing and sketching.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think art has no purpose. I like to paint them being chased by giant squids.
Favorite Subject: Art of course, I would paint all day if I wouldn’t get dried out.
Least Favorite Subject: Math. I can’t remember all those rules and formulas, it makes me even more scatter-brained than usual.
Favorite Color: Aqua! No…orange…no yellow! Oh whatever is on my paintbrush I guess.
Family: I’m one of Lagoona’s cousins from “up-north”. Nova Scotia to be exact! She’s mentioned me before, hasn’t she?
Favorite Food: Sushi! Fish is so much better raw.
BFF’s: Lagoona and Catrine


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