Monster High Dolls

Jinafire Long Repaint- Jade Feng

il_570xN.500912749_7kh1  XjinafireXjinafires XJina
Perfect for the more punky of fans; this custom Jinafire Long doll is one of a kind. Her clothes are hand-sewn, and all removable. Her stomach scales have been painted a lighter gold, tail has also been repainted. She has gone through such a transformation, she looks like a totally different character! So I came up with her own profile as Jinafire’s cousin:

.:: Jade Feng ::.

Parents: The Chinese Dragon
Age: 1,100 Scales
Killer Style: I’m a bit of a tomboy, I love mixing traditional pieces with punky accents. It’s hard to work it around my tail.
Freaky Flaw: I’m very competitive, and this can get me into some fiery situations. It makes it hard to dance with partners or play sports in teams, my scales burn hot when I’m all fired up! My cousin Jinafire has been helping me control my outbursts.
Pet: None yet, which pet could keep up with me?
Favorite Activity: Rock-climbing, sports, and dancing.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Shoes. They get in the way and I burn through them so fast, I’d rather just go around bare feet.
Favorite Subject: Physical Deaducation, I love to get the blood pumping and the claws out.
Least Favorite Subject: Mad Science. So many things to remember, and so many combustible materials.
Favorite Color: Jade Green and Burgundy
Favorite Food: Home seared stir-fry. Dragons know how to make it best.
BFF’s: Jinafire Long


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