Monster High Dolls

Riley Raccoon The Custom MH Doll

Meet Riley Raccoon! She’s for sale here.
Perfect for Monster High fans who love wily raccoons and some rock and roll; this custom raccoon spirit doll is one of a kind. She is inspired by both native american and japanese myths, where both perceive them as trickster spirits and shape-shifters. Doll is for display only.

Doll Details:
– Original factory paint completely removed, custom decorated panties added.
– Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
– High quality BJD wig-not removable
-Detachable ears, tail, and purple striped hair extension. Ears are attached to clips that hold onto the hair very well.
-Finger and toenails painted black

Comes with:
-Customized black and brown boots, striped leggings, hand-sewn shorts, hand-sewn shirt, painted belt, bracelets.
-All of these are removable, but must be done so carefully.


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