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MH Tutorial Painting a Custom Face

Removing Factory Face Paint

**Super secret tip, (I haven’t seen posted anywhere else) : before you do anything, put a layer of clear nail polish over the face first, let it dry, and then use the nail polish remover. The paint on the face adheres to the nail polish, and it all come off with nail polish remover MUCH more easily and fast

1) Use nail polish remover, plus paper towel (works better than kleenex) and qutips
2) Smudges up the face a lot if you’re not careful, rub off in small bits at a time
3) Just keep rubbing!
4) Though it is possible to keep the eyebrows untouched if you’re very careful, I find with almost every doll I get one eyebrow is raised a lot higher than the other.
5) More in-depth reading tutorial here or a video from doll customizer Retrograde here

Face Repaint
1) Plan it out before you start! Have references handy, of illustrations or monster high doll repaints that you admire
2) Essentially my process is: Seal, pastel, seal, acryllic +gloss finish.
3) More in-depth tutorial here

4 thoughts on “MH Tutorial Painting a Custom Face

  1. 91% Isospropyl alcohol and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is also great for face removal. It does take quite a bit of scrubbing, but is a little easier than using acetone (nail polish remover).

  2. Would love it if u can please send me how to make my own sailor scouts. My daughter and I have been watching them on youtube and her 4th birthday is coming up n feb. I think it would b cool to make her the dolls as a colletion items for when the new sailor moon comes out this new year and for her birthday. Thank u for ir time.

    1. I warn you, it was a lot of work. The black haired sailor scouts are the easiest, because the Monster High doll Draculaura comes with black hair as is. Even then, you have to tweaze out all her pink streaks.
      You remove the paint and redo it, as I have in the face painting tutorial.
      Then you have to hand sew all the costumes. If you get the beach Draculaura she comes with an outfit that is similar enough to the sailor scouts outfits that you can use it for the pattern.

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