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MH Wigs and Rerooting Doll Hair

Liv Doll Wigs fit, and Moxie Teen generally fit monster high BUT because each monster high doll has a slightly different head size and shape, some will fit better than others.
Moxie comes with a plastic cap inside the wig that allows it to fit snuggly without coming off. Liv doll wigs come with a peg for sticking in holes of the Liv doll, which ofcourse Monster High dolls don’t have.
BJD wigs also work, just make sure you get a minimum 5inch/13cm/ sized one (or there abouts). Don’t go too much larger either(unless you’re willing to risk cutting and sewing to resize), 5.5 inches is pushing it. Or you can simply measure your doll’s head to get an exact measurement. BJD wigs will generally be very high quality(more expensive), but have tons of options.

Feather Wig Tutorial (A very clever way of making a doll wig out of feathers)

Preparing for Rerooting
For chosing you doll hair, see the page on supplies.

Step 1: Remove the head, most people will tell you to run the doll head under hot water until the vinyl loosens up and you can just yank it off the neck plug. Another option, which is faster and doesn’t require you to wet th doll hair is to use a blowdryer for at most 30 seconds. You have to be careful, just as you do with hot water. You don’t want to melt the head!
Step 2: Cut off all the hair! As close as you can to the scalp. I suppose you could also do this step first if you really want.
Step 3: Remove the hair. Use your tweezers to go up the neck whole and remove all the hair. Every MH doll I’ve done this for had no glue in the head, they seem to melt the ends of the hair to keep them in. Luckily this is easier than glue to get out. If you’re having a hard time, just squeeze the head to get the hair closer to the neck hole where you’ll have more leverage.

Now that your doll is prepared, onto the actual rerooting process. There are many different ways to do this. But all of them are guaranteed to be tedious, you’re forewarned!

Here are video tutorials of the way that we reroot our monster high dolls: My Little Customs Rerooting Videos


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